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We not only bring you to wonderful experiences, but also bring you amazing and forgettable memories with our room decor services.

BD1: 600.000VND

BD2: 600.000VND

BD3: 600.000VND  

BD4: 800.000VND

BD5: 800.000VND

BD6: 1.000.000VND

BD7: 2.000.000VND

BD8: 2.000.000VND

BD9: 2.500.000VND

HM1: 500.000vnd (Wine) - 800.000vnd (Wine + Fruits)

HM2: 500.000vnd (Wine) - 800.000vnd (Wine + Fruits)


HM3: 500.000vnd (Wine) - 800.000vnd (Wine + Fruits)

HM4: 500.000vnd (Wine) - 800.000vnd (Wine + Fruits)


Hotline / Zalo: +84 989 654 179

Land phone:  +84 23 5396 3555



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